Once Every Blue Moon.

I have gotten really lucky this year with blue moons. The first blue moon of the year was a crazy thing – an eclipse, a supermoon, and a blue moon, all at once. There was a flurry of phone-based messaging between all of us photographers in Tokyo, as we scrambled to try to find a good place to shoot. The biggest problem was that it was so high up in the sky, that you couldn’t get a good foreground. Some people chose to try to get Tokyo Tower. I didn’t choose so much as I was working until the moment of, so I picked the tallest thing near work – The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Capitol Building. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say I was being normal, I definitely was not alone, with an army of tripods out in the central plaza of Shinjuku Chuo Koen that night.

As opposed to this month’s blue moon.

You don’t get to schedule blue moons. And you don’t get to request a certain brightness or color temperature. So… there I was, at 1:30 in the morning, standing out on the street with my 300mm lens and an Einstein in a softbox, popping away at a peach tree, at full power, at point-blank range. I was timing my shots so that I didn’t confuse any passing drivers, but I was still keenly aware that it would be best to get my shot in a hurry, because, while I’m certain what I was doing was legal, I wasn’t really looking forward to having that conversation with a policeman who’d been roused from his desktop slumber by a concerned neighbor. I got in and out, like a ninja. A particularly brightly lit and overly encumbered ninja that really stands out in a line up.