A Wild Golden Hour Appeared!

I may love climbing, but I do not aspire to be a great climber. That ship sailed long ago. I hope that I get to be a good photographer. So, of course, when I’m climbing up on the 7th floor of Apex Yotsuya, I’m going to stop and run out onto their balcony to take the photo.

It’s weird, but I have a lot of emotional attachment to this particular sunset view. I’ve lived in this neighborhood longer than anyplace except the house I grew up in. For me, this is looking across the rooftops of home. The Apex bouldering gyms are one of those local businesses that make me happy to give them my money, but there are a lot of those local businesses that I’ve become familiar with, carving out their niche in Tokyo. It’s really easy to see my lack of progress in climbing as a negative on a lot of days. But it’s also good to look back at my photos and see real progress. The sun goes down, and the sun comes up, and all I can do is get after it, and hope that tomorrow I’ll do better than Today.