Mt Fuji from the Starbucks in the Middle of the Ocean

The Aqualine is a highway that cuts across Tokyo Bay, connecting Chiba and Kawasaki. For half the distance, it is a bridge, and for the other half, its a tunnel, allowing the shipping to pass overhead unhindered. At the mid-ocean transition point, there’s an artificial island of sorts. With a Starbucks. Because of course there’s a Starbucks. Coming home from a job the other day, I got to see this beautiful sunset, with Mt Fuji visible across the bay. Slightly to the right of Mt Fuji you can see Yokohama, with the Landmark Tower, Japan’s second tallest building. This photo was taken with my D700, a 10-year-old camera that I still shoot with, particularly in conditions when I don’t want to risk my newer or more fragile cameras. Nikon never built a replacement to the D700, because it was so good that it stole all the sales from their flagship line. It’s a shame.