(Insta)nt Gratification

Soooo… Once upon a time, Instagram tried to steal everyone’s photos.

Really. It was in 2013, and they tried to set it up so they could resell your photos, take the money, and have you holding the liability bag. It didn’t go over well. It still hasn’t really gotten better. The thing that’s keeping Facebook from really abusing their TOS at the moment is that they know it would be massively unpopular and hurt their stock prices if they tried to blatantly resell your content. That being said, there’s nothing preventing them from changing if they think it’s economically advisable.

There was a comment once, from a source high-up in the Facebook corporate hierarchy, that said that users should not trust Facebook with their personal data. I would argue that applies hard to IP as well. But that’s the catch. As a business, you have to be on Facebook, and Instagram, and Twitter. You have to be getting word out, reaching out to the public, and communicating with fans and customers.

My initial way around that was to start The Dutchgirl Project. I felt like I wanted to use a small plastic toy and the limitation of my cell phone camera and the square format to push my creative compositional skills. I started doing that, and it was building as a thing. But it doesn’t really reflect me as a person or photographer, so I started a second Instagram, more focused on reflecting the content that gets posted here on this web page, and the phone photography I do as I bop around the city.

There’s always a thing that makes things complicated. I’m a big fan of street photography. I’ve done a lot of it in my time in Tokyo, but… I have been putting together a book, and in the process of writing the book, I’ve kinda come to a point where I’ve said what I want to say about Tokyo. I mean, I haven’t said it to you yet. That’s what the book will be for, and it’s coming. But that book’s style isn’t really reflected well in either of the two Instagrams I’ve got running. So I just opened up a new one, and I’ve started going through my archives and putting up some of my street photography.

If you’re an Instagram person, there are three ways for you to keep an eye on what I’m doing. And if Zuck goes and proves himself right, you’ll know why my photos are getting resold and I’m not getting paid. Cheers!