Tokyo Tower is Still the Prettiest

The Sky Tree may have surpassed Tokyo Tower in height, but Tokyo Tower will not be surpassed in style.

I don’t think I can say the Sky Tree is ugly. I mean, I know I have said it. But I don’t think I think that anymore. Maybe it’s grown on me. It has it’s own style that I can accept. But for certain, the Eiffel Tower knock off that’s been destroyed countless times by Godzilla is really the true beauty of Tokyo’s two towers.

Recently I had the chance to go up to the viewing deck of the Tokyo World Trade Center, near Hamamatsucho station on JR, or Daimon Station on the Toei subway lines. I had heard the horrible news, but I hadn’t really realized it until I saw it for myself. There’s a new building that has completely wiped out the stellar view the Tokyo WTC used to have. I get it. But it makes me sad.


I had heard that you can still see Tokyo Tower, which is true. The announcements all said that it blocked the view of Mt Fuji. Those announcements misled me. They’re true. And I didn’t mourn the loss of the Mt Fuji view, because there are so many better Mt Fuji views to be had in Tokyo. But what it fails to mention is the impact it’s had on the view of Tokyo Tower.

The sweeping city foreground, with Daimon and the Zozoji, is mostly wrecked. There is still a great view from the right corner window, but it isn’t what it was, and if there’s a glut of photographers for any given sunset, there’s going to be a lot of elbowing to get space in front of the one window.

It’s a good thing I had been warned. The emotional shock was a little easier to take. But still, this happened before with the Bunkyo-ku Civic Center window, and it will happen again. Cities are living, breathing things. They grow and change, and this is a part of that.

It’s also good that I had taken the roundabout way to the WTC, and took my time photographing Tokyo tower from the different park and temple vantage points along the way.

Because even if it isn’t the tallest tower in the game, Tokyo Tower is the prettiest.