Robot Bus to Light Speed!

Ok. Tokyo’s robot-driven, rail-guided bus, generously referred to as the Yurikamome Line, does not approach light speed. It doesn’t even approach “quick.” But it gets you across the Rainbow Bridge and over to Odaiba, a sort of recreational space for Tokyo residents.

One of the big advantages of the Yurikamome line is it’s robot-driven-ness. It means that you can sit all the way in the front or back, and have an unobstructed view of the city as you pass through it. There are a bunch of videos on youtube of people setting up cameras and time-lapsing through the experience. They’re nice. My last trip out that way, I tried some long exposures, just to see what I could do with nothing other than the window sill on the front of the train and a wide-angle lens. I was using an older 17-35mm lens, so no image stabilization for me. I’m wondering if I had access to some sort of vibration-dampening rig, and used a VR2 lens, how smooth I could get it to be.