Moon from under the Rainbow Bridge.

I’ve taken a lot of photos of the rainbow bridge. Like really, a lot of them. The mainland side of Rainbow bridge has an interesting loop that is out over the water. The loop is an elegant way of solving the problem of elevating the train and car traffic to be high enough to keep out of the way of the shipping traffic that passes under the bridge, while not taking up more land than absolutely necessary… because Tokyo doesn’t exactly have a whole bunch of empty land to use. One of the places I haven’t really photographed is the area around that loop. It’s a working harbor, and there’s a lot of limits on access, and the parts you can see are mostly industrial, so there aren’t a lot of reasons to be poking around down there other than photography. But there are some interesting shots to be had anywhere, and photos of the loop can work if you get the right weather and timing, like this one from 2013.