Buildings that get love… or not.

The Tokyo International Forum, along the JR Tracks near Yurakucho station, gets a lot of love from photographers, and I don’t really get it. I mean, I get it, it’s a pretty building, and I really like to use the building… which is the goal of great architecture. It 100% succeeds on all counts. But I don’t really share the love of photographing the building that I’ve seen in other photographers.

Which is really weird when I contrast it with this red escalator in Queen’s Square Yokohama. I hate being in that building. There never seems to be enough space for shops for being a shopping mall. It always seems difficult to move between floors, with the train station in the deep bowls of the building always feeling like it takes longer to get down there than it should. And yet, for some reason, that red escalator does it for me.