A slice of life

At this point, the phrase "slice of life" is so cliché as to be almost meaningless, but I recently ended up with a set of photos I had pulled off the same memory card that really felt like a slice of life in Shinjuku, where I live.

There's a lot of photos of Shinjuku, but I feel like most of the photos skim the surface, and don't really get into what it means to live here. It's a common problem with travel photography and parachute journalism, and it's one that I myself am guilty of when I do travel. 

I think it takes a couple years of shooting to get through that sense of shooting the monolithic other of Tokyo. Once you've looked closely enough, you stop seeing the monolith, and see the individuality shining where you once assumed that everything was all the same monolithic alien-ness.  You see the individuality, and the familiar motivations of humans. You start to learn to see that story that you remember from your home country, but tailored for Tokyo, and spiced with the individual variables of that human in front of you. 

These photos don't have much to do with each other except that taken together, you see a lot of the humanity of what Shinjuku is right now.