Kaki Gory

One of the really nice things about my neighborhood is all the fruit trees. There used to be an avocado tree, and a gorgeous pomegranate tree, but there is still one more less-than-fantastic pomegranate, and tons of momo, ume, and kaki. Kaki, or persimmons, aren't really a big starter with me, but fruit trees attract the pretty birds, and I enjoy being able to sit in my apartment and watch the birds. Even if it, at times, looks like a fruit-based body horror film.

Birding is a really specialized sort of photography. It generally involves spending a ton of money on lenses, and then getting great photos that don't have a huge market for commercial sales. I think the reward most birders get is in the birding itself. It's an incredibly enjoyable activity, to be in nature, and to have that dopamine hit of hunting-without-hunting. It's not something I usually go out of my way to do, but when I can do it from the chair I'm sitting in now as I type this, how could I not?